Hi hi! I know what you’re thinking… She did her website again? Haha yes I did! This is going to be the new home and little corner of ARTIESE Studios on the world wide web. I wanted to centralized everything into one place instead of having so many blogs and websites. Yes I have a blog for lifestyle and another blog for weddings. I also had a website for weddings and was working on a website for my lifestyle category. The upkeep for all sites was overwhelming for me, since I do everything myself. That was another reason why I barely posted anything because I was working on updating and creating the websites while shooting and editing and meeting clients and designing albums and so on. I also try to have a life too ;). I’m hoping to post more on here. From weddings to engagements to portraits to lifestyle to family to editorials and some personal posts ;). I’m a shy person and a person of very little words…

Please be patient while I try to re-populate my blog and my galleries. I will slowly be removing my other websites so there’s no confusion. If you want to know what I’m up to, I usually update my Instagram and Facebook.

Anyway, enjoy my labour of love put into this website :). And here are new portraits of me captured by Cynthia taken outside the new Aga Khan Museum. She also designed my cute little “pint-it” buttons when you hover over the image.

Aga Khan Museum PortraitAga Khan Museum PortraitAga Khan Museum PortraitAga Khan Museum Portrait